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Anonymous Testimony of Lived Experience to Guide Us as an Anti-Racist Network

17th Jun 2022

Our Transition Group is gathering anonymous testimonies of everyday racism experienced by people working in the visual arts.

CVAN South East convened this group to provide insight and guidance on social justice, equity and anti-racism in the visual arts. The group incorporates a mix of diverse ethnicities, and two thirds identifies as from the global ethnic majority.

Why we need your testimony

The Transition Group wants to help everyone working in our sector, including leaders of organisations, to better understand the nature of racism, how to deal with it robustly and the profound consequences of not doing so, for instance people leaving the sector altogether. This survey is a first step in creating a channel for visual arts workers and audiences who have not been able to express their situation. By hearing people’s lived experience we hope to go deeper into the anatomy and impact of racism in the visual arts.

The survey is open to anyone who has experienced any form of racism in the context of the UK visual arts sector, particularly in the south east.

It is a safe and confidential way to record experiences of racism that may have happened to you, someone you know or that you have witnessed in a visual arts context. It is a space to envision another experience that you would have preferred to have for yourself or someone you know in the context of a visual arts institution.

The group will produce a set of recommendations resulting from this survey, without identifying any particular individuals or organisations. These recommendations will be presented as an active document to our network and Steering Group, as well as being made public on our website to advocate change in the wider visual arts sector.

Please complete this survey according to your ability to share in a way that is mindful of your capacity and wellbeing. Click here to take part now.

The survey will close on 28th July 2022.

We are committed to safeguarding your data. Your personal data will not be shared or used for any other purpose. You can read our privacy notice here.


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