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Platform Alumni Artist Focus – Consuelo Simpson

19th Aug 2019

Consuelo Simpson participated in the Platform Graduate Award in 2016, having been selected by Aspex for her graduation show at the University of Chichester.

“Being selected to take part in Platform 2016 was an exciting opportunity and confirmed my wish to develop my professional practice. Since Platform 2016 I have exhibited in shows in London, Farnham, Harrogate and Dublin. I particularly enjoyed a collaboration with photographer Tom Owens as a result of which we showed work in London in 2018 as part of a photographers’ collective annual exhibition.

“My work explores the notion that making is a dialogue with material in which both maker and matter are active participants. In this sense, the work is in a state of perpetual becoming. Using sculpture, print and installation, the form is temporary, carrying with it the potential for change, seeking neither perfection nor an end.  To focus on the process is a way of understanding that thinking takes place alongside making, hands and body responding to materials.

Things become, as does our knowledge of them. (Ingold:2017:13)*

“Through my art practice I seek moments of contentment, noticing flashes of enchantment, reaching an accommodation with the world around us.

Enchantment includes… a condition of exhilaration… (t)o be simultaneously transfixed in wonder and transported by sense, to be both caught up and carried away. (Bennett, 2001:13)**

I am coming to the end of an MA in Fine Art at UCA Farnham, and I look forward to pursuing opportunities and continuing to develop networks such as those afforded by CVAN South East. The opportunity to belong to a supportive group and to share the ups and downs of being an artist is invaluable.

“The advice I would give to a graduating artist is to get into the studio at every opportunity, especially if you don’t much feel like it. Just being around your materials will make things happen!”


*Ingold, T (2017) Correspondences, available online at [accessed 13 May 2019].

**Bennett, J (2001) The Enchantment of Modern Life, Princeton and Woodstock: Princeton University Press.

Image: courtesy Consuelo Simpson.


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