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Platform Alumni Artist Focus – Fay Turner

21st Jan 2019

Fay Turner participated in the Platform Graduate Award in 2017 at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth. She undertook a BA in Fine Art at Arts University Bournemouth.

“Since being nominated for the Platform Award my work has been shown at Leydon Gallery (London), hARTSlane Gallery (London) and was awarded the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe Festival (BEAF) Graduate Commission Award whilst on display at BEAF in May of 2018.

“My practice revolves around moving image, experimenting with animation and video installations, creating films to entice and confuse my audience. I am captivated by the latest in digital technologies and my work often incorporates elements such as computer generated effects. Through my artwork I attempt to navigate complex digital issues and question our place in the current digital landscape and its potential future.

“Being a part of Platform has allowed me to meet other artistically minded people, who like myself, sacrifice time that could be spent with family, friends or on other career opportunities to pursue artistic endeavours. This encourages me to stay driven towards my own goals as a creative.

“I am currently an artist in residence at Hertford Arts Hub in Hertfordshire. I have been working there since October 2018 and am currently creating a video installation to be shown on the glass exterior of the building. The intention of this, is to project outwards, grabbing the attention of passers-by. My finished work will be on display at the end of February.

“I will be at Hertford Arts Hub every weekend until the conclusion of my residency. However, I will continue afterwards as a volunteer at the gallery where I am planning to run artistic crits and workshops for the community.

“Those who wish to visit the space are welcome to do so, meet with myself, discuss my work and admire the Alan Davie paintings currently on display in the space.”

Image: Video Still from Turner’s current work being produced as a part of the Hertford Arts Hub’s Artist in Residency programme.


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