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Platform Alumni Artist Focus – Marion Piper

14th Feb 2018

Marion Piper was nominated by MK Gallery for the Platform Graduate Award in 2012.

“The Platform selection and interview process was so helpful as it moved me forward from the degree show focus into a new framework for decision making. Application for the ‘Showcase’ series at MK Gallery in 2012 was the entry point to selection for Platform. This was a great opportunity to propose and make work for a context other than the university, and work with art professionals. The opening up of this dialogue with MK Gallery and their interest and support, along with being part of the growing network of Platform Alumni, have been one of the best parts of Platform.

“I have been a part of a studio group in High Wycombe since 2011, with fellow fine art graduates from Buckinghamshire New University, including two fellow Platform finalists. We also use our shared studio space to invite and dialogue with artists and host events.

“Being connected to other artists has been essential to moving forward with the work, continuing the studio conversation; learning really begins when you graduate!

“Inventing new ways quickly to make work, without access to the uni facilities or spaces, can feed the practice. When practicalities feel as if they are blocking your post degree development, turning a regular walk into a ‘residency’, or using a notebook as an exhibition space can really expand things dramatically in the practice for free! This happened for me when a series of drawings, a studio exercise on found paper, were shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016.

“Opportunities and invitations for exhibiting have come mainly from two sources, connecting and meeting artists through social platforms and the open call biennial, MK Calling at MK Gallery.

“I will be showing some recent paintings from the Repeat Copier series in, ’Beyond the Surface,’ curated by Square Art Projects at The Crypt, St Marylebone Parish Church, London, NW1 5LT from 28 March – 29 June 2018.”

Check out Marion’s Instagram takeover.

Image: Detail from Repeat Copier (Marylebone/4), gouache and oil on canvas, 50 x 55 cm © Marion Piper, 2018. Image courtesy the artist.


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