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Platform Graduate Award 2017 – Focus on Svetlana Ochkovskaya

14th Nov 2017

Svetlana Ochkovskaya is a Fine Art graduate from Southampton Solent University. Aspex nominated Svetlana for the Platform Graduate Award.

“Through a transformation of objects, materials and my own body, my work reveals an element of the unknown or unrecognised and simultaneously explores the sensuality of “thingness”. I would like to deconstruct the normative perception of the human body and common objects in the familiar spaces. I am interested in exploring transformations of everyday objects in estranged spaces; in a non-white-cube environment such as the domestic space of a living room and a bathroom room, and in the publicly accessible spaces including beaches and forests; in turn audiences can assess how these objects form and transform the audiences’ subjectivity.

“Platform 2017 has provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself during the installation of the work and preparing for the interview. The opportunity to showcase my work during the Platform 2017 exhibition expanded my network of contact, increased my public profile and my confidence as an artist.

“I am now taking a two year MFA course at Goldsmiths, University of London to specialise in particular areas of art such as interactive, site specific installation and performance art. I would like to make a career as an artist.

“In term of my practice I intend to explore the ‘thingness’ in my research further in order to give the audience the opportunity to see a transformative potential in everyday and invite the viewer to open up a new way of seeing the world and their place within it.

“People can see my works on my website, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo) and at the Platform 2017 exhibition at Aspex until 26 November.

“My advice for all creative graduates is:
You need to be proactive.
You have to make your own opportunities.
You have to dream and take risk.
Your success is in your hands.”

Image: G Planet (detail), installation at Aspex, © Svetlana Ochkovskaya, 2017. Image courtesy the artist.


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