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Platform Graduate Award 2018 – Focus on Ronan Porter

9th Oct 2018

Ronan Porter is a Fine Art graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, UCA Canterbury, and has been nominated by Turner Contemporary for the Platform Graduate Award 2018. They are one of the five artists shortlisted for the Award.

“What’s a generational thing? Who’s saying these words? Is it someone in the painting? Is it about them? Who are they? What the hell are they doing? Who’s taking the picture? Is it about millennials or youth culture? Is it referencing the modern age or an older era? Is there a subliminal message or is it superficial? What about the other paintings alongside it? Are they of the same people? What does the whole mean?”

“The work aims to provoke thought, for the viewers to question their reactions and ignite a discussion. This intention is layered throughout each piece: the combination of text and image, the selective colour palette, graphic style and deceptively flattened, print-like image, as well as the large scale, banner-like un-stretched canvas, and overlapping of the paintings. The paintings reference photographs I’ve taken where the narrative can be manipulated or left open-ended. The simplified style cuts to the essence of the image, drawing attention to those little moments – the crinkle of a nose caught in laughter or the comfort of a hand on a shoulder. They are monumental intimacies, private moments made public.

“Being a part of Platform has been an amazing experience, not only having the opportunity to display my work in a stunning gallery at Turner Contemporary and advance my career as an artist, but also to push my practice, experimenting further with installation and performance. I’ll be taking the results of this experience, along with how my practice develops over this next year, to the Royal College of Art in 2019 to do my MA in Painting, after spending a year in London working.

“There are many avenues in my practice that I’m currently investigating, from the photographs I use as references, to the text, to the installation aspects, to the implied or constructed narratives featured in the work, and more. Anyone who would like to follow these exploits or hear about any upcoming shows I may get involved with can find me on Instagram, Facebook or on my website

“My advice to my fellow artists would be – do what you love and what you find interesting, life is too short for anything but.”

Image: Hammer, Ronan Porter, painting installed outside for Margate Pride, 2018. Courtesy the Artist.

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