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Siddharth Gadiyar at Phoenix Brighton

11th Mar 2019

On 23 March, an exhibition of paintings by Siddharth Gadiyar, curated by Project Art Works, opens at Phoenix Brighton.

Siddharth is an artist of instinct. He is an extraordinary and prolific image maker who constructs a new work of considerable scale, each week in a three hour supported studio session at Project Art Works, an artist-led organisation based in Hastings that works with people who have complex support needs.

Although Siddharth’s paintings occasionally contain representational imagery, his intuitive approach is rooted in an unfettered exploration of pattern and colour, returning time and again to his signature motif, the circle. His clear intention and his swift decisive action result in bold and beautiful paintings that are full of purpose and free from self-conscious restraint.

This exhibition will challenge the preconceptions audiences may have of people with complex needs and invite a wider and more diverse audience to engage the gallery.

Sid is calm and focused when he is making work at Project Art Works. Art and painting have such a huge, tremendous, positive impact on his otherwise chaotic, challenging and complex world of Autism. Susmitha, Siddharth’s mother.

The exhibition runs from 23 March to 21 April at Phoenix Brighton.

Image: Mandala 7, Siddarth Gadiyar, 2018, acrylic & tape on paper, courtesy: Project Art Works

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