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Spotlight: Figment Arts

2nd Jul 2022

Figment Arts is an arts organisation based in the South East. They work with artists and communities to amplify their voices. They value the arts and creativity as a vital part of what makes a healthy and strong society.

Figment Arts Studio Project is a group made up of artists who are learning disabled, autistic and neurodivergent. Over the last two years they’ve managed to keep going through online sessions, but since April this year they’re back working together in person.

There are currently seven artists in the group, with support from Figment Arts Director David Parker, Producer/Curator Clare Sheppeard and freelance producer Kitty Wallace

Debbie is an artist who joined the group this year:

“I’m Debbie Caulfield and I am autistic and I’ve been doing artwork since 1980, just doing some drawings and things like that, and I’ve done drawings and that at school and when I was at home as a kid.

Then I found that art is something I’d like to take up more and take it more seriously, take it even further. When I went to part time art college in the evenings, to do art evening classes, I’ve enjoyed it ever since and I just never stop painting really because I just enjoy it.

I love the seasons, the four seasons, because I just love the changing of the atmosphere, the changing of the environment and seeing the beauty change.

I find that every painting that I’ve done, I say that I like it.  I say “That’s good.” Because it’s different ways of me just being me, really. Because on each art piece, each work of art is something in itself. Individual.

I’d like the viewer to feel love and contentment. Happiness and contentment and love for the environment.”

The Figment Arts Studio artists are taking over the shop window of Neighbourhood Store in Shoreham-by-Sea for one month from 4th July. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

You can find out more about Figment Arts by visiting their website:



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