Jessica Starns

Our fifth Spotlight is on artist, Jessica Starns. In this feature, Jess discusses her inclusive arts practice and the challenges that have shaped her professional development.
Originally from Brighton, Jess is currently based in Buckinghamshire.



For my Spotlight, I have created a mind map. Listen to find out how to navigate the map here:

Introduction (Transcript)

I have created a mind map in Miro about my work experience as an artist. I like creating mind maps to map out my thoughts.

There are two audio clips highlighted in green text ‘work experience’ for an introduction and ‘what I find inaccessible as an artist…’

The links highlighted in blue take you to other websites for example to see further information on my artworks. 

You can navigate Miro by using the cross-hatch square in the left hand corner to explore the different frames for the mind map.

In the right hand corner, there are cross and minus buttons to zoom in and out. Move your mouse over them to make the mind map full screen.


To find out more about Jess’ work, visit her website here.

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