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Platform Graduate Award 2017 – Focus on Elizabeth Cahill

27th Nov 2017

Elizabeth Cahill is a Fine Art graduate from the University of Hertfordshire. She was nominated for the Award by MK Gallery.

“My practice questions the dominance of media and social structures and its manipulating effect on the human condition. Working with combinations of unexpected materials, both virgin and found I create sculptures which correspond to representations of identity within current popular culture. By activating objects and handmade structures through forms of play and experimentation I aim to create an awkward visual language that disrupts our ideals.

“I am influenced by the writing of theorists such as Judith Butler and the idea of performative gender. This is a compelling topic for me and one which I am constantly endeavouring to convey in my work.
With an understanding of the spatial environment I use placement and process to enable objects to intra-act with one another to form surprising and ambiguous conversations suggestive of psychological content.

“Combining sculpture and print the work encompasses objects and images, playing with our understanding of two and three dimension. The sculptural instillations often function as a foundation for contrasting materials. Highlighted by a process of collaged abstraction they comprehend associative meaning.

“Being a part of Platform has been an invaluable juncture in my early creative career. To have been selected from so many and given the opportunity to hold my first solo exhibition so soon after my BA, it has been a truly influential experience that I will be ever grateful for.

“For the next two years, I will be undertaking my MFA in sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Set to be a challenging but truly exciting time, I am ready to again begin exploring my practice further, pushing the boundaries of sculpture and researching my context in greater depth. Being a part of Platform 2017 has given me confidence, exposure and invaluable connections I will carry forward with me as I continue into the art world.

“The work shown at Platform is currently packed safely away however I intend to exhibit it a few more times later in the year but have nothing set in stone just yet. Nevertheless, it still lives digitally and can be viewed on my website, Tumblr and Instagram.

“My one piece of advice to any graduate artist would be to have confidence, trust your instincts and go for it!”

Image: Installation view of the MK Gallery exhibition © Elizabeth Cahill, 2017. Images courtesy the artist.


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