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Platform Graduate Award 2019 – Focus on Natalie Andrews

6th Nov 2019

Natalie Andrews is a graduate of the University of Bedfordshire and was nominated by MK Gallery for the Platform Graduate Award 2019.

“My point of departure has always been that I can only make a painting by placing it in an artificial world. I am interested in a ‘third nature’ nature, that is, in an environment that has already been manipulated and designed and which I then subject to further transformations in order to make it my own. This artificial world had previously been evoked by an individual painting and contained within its borders, more recently sculpture has come to play an increasingly prominent role in my practice resulting in staged orchestrations of work in different media as well as architectural modifications of the fabric of the gallery space. This self-contained environment becomes the artificial world.

“My works are becoming larger, more structural and site specific in order to enter into dialogue with architectural space. I will be showing works in several empty locations in Luton casting some interior aspects of the disused spaces in an original paint mixture to make components and fragments for use in large installations. The scale of the work is useful in redefining the traditional display of works and allows for an immersive relationship with artworks by the viewer. The force of the space to overdetermine the experience of the interior by the audience is challenged by the works which are themselves a synthesis of painted picture planes and sculptural constructions. Just as the boundary between these disciplines can be broken down to dynamic effect so can the result break down the relationship of the white cube as a container of works. I see the extending unfinished and expanding works as growing in and outgrowing the carapace of the gallery, shop or disused interior something like an animal shedding its skin. In this vain I will often work in spaces on pieces which change during the period of the exhibition; objects get bigger paintings are repurposed and the space is redefined as a host for the artwork growing inside it.

“Platform has given me the opportunity to work with passionate and expert individuals who are committed to creative practice and enabled me to show work in a major gallery space, I feel that my network has increased significantly because of the project.

“Currently a postgraduate student at Luton School of Art, I am working with the University of Bedfordshire to repurpose disused interiors incorporating aspects of architectural space into finished pieces as well as preparing for my MA show in May and planning a proposal for a practice based fine art PhD.”

Find out more about Natalie’s work at her website and on her Instagram. Read about the other nominated artists and the 23 artists selected for 2019.

Image: Artificial Worlds, (detail) untitled landscape, Natalie Andrews, 2019.


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