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Turner Contemporary’s Head of Learning champions children’s rights through the arts

8th Jan 2019

On Saturday 8 December, Karen Eslea, Turner Contemporary’s Head of Learning, spoke at the InSEA Asia Regional Congress, Hong Kong, 2018 and 7th World Chinese Art Education Symposium at The Education University of Hong Kong. Speaking to 300 delegates, Eslea used one of Turner Contemporary’s most radical project to date, Art Inspiring Change, to bring to the forefront children rights and the potential unlocked when children are enabled to be leaders.

Eslea highlighted worrying figures for the UK’s young population, stating:

In 2016 the UK fell dramatically in global rankings for child rights within a year, from 11th to 156th, and last year, with more countries added to the Index, the UK ranked 172nd out of 183 countries […] That the UK should disregard the views of more than 18% of its population is staggering, particularly given [children’s] potential for creativity and divergent thinking.

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Image: Photo: Jason Pay, courtesy of Turner Contemporary.

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